Every business generates massive amounts of data as it engages with customers, delivers products and services, and runs its internal operations. Data offers businesses the opportunity to understand and improve everything they do. At times, the greatest challenge is merely accessing and collecting that data in order to bring value and meaningful, actionable metrics to your fingertips.

Consider the benefits that real-time data can offer your business.

Track errors in production, access second-by-second data for all manufacturing operations, or display real-time insights about your workforce.

Winter Park Construction, a Florida-based construction company, is doing just that—leveraging the power of stream analytics to collect real-time employee info in order to keep attendance at remote job sites, track equipment, and maintain safety compliance.

Bringing Value Through Stream Analytics

The New Signature Advanced Analytics team helped one Florida construction company generate actionable, real-time insights from its worksites using IoT technologies and Stream Analytics.

Construction companies manage complex job sites, with remote employees and equipment that move freely between locations. Simply locating people and equipment can be a major challenge.

To add to the difficulty, the construction industry is heavily regulated with safety compliance policies and regulations through insurance companies and the Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

New Signature helped prove to Winter Park Construction that technologies like Stream Analytics, if properly applied, can address all of these challenges.

Combining Azure’s capabilities with RFID devices on worksites and personal protective equipment, the construction company was able to alleviate three major issues. Hard hats, vests, and safety glasses were connected to Microsoft Azure, feeding data into the Cloud and displaying insights in a custom Power BI dashboard.

The combined IoT solution allows Winter Park to keep attendance at each job site in real-time, ensure safety gear is in place, and track equipment for security and improved asset management.

Companies can start to see the benefits solutions like this almost immediately.

Proving that proper safety equipment is in use significantly reduces insurance liability, and improved accountability for employees and subcontractors streamlines billing, payroll and human resource processes. Real-time workplace monitoring also improves security for high-value assets at risk of theft, and provides traceability in the event of an incident.

How Can Stream Analytics Empower Your Business?

Stream Analytics is just one component of IoT & Analytics solutions built on Azure.

As you think about how you can apply these technologies in your field, these tools gives you the ability to dream big, but start small. Scalable cloud solutions allow you to experience major benefits before making significant IT investments.

Connecting to and understanding real-time data from all aspects of your business is not a technology of the future: it is happening now, across every industry.

How will you use data and insights to power growth?