We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Turbonomic, which includes integration of its Application Resource Management (ARM) solution into our <NS:GO> cloud framework. This partnership enhances, simplifies and extends our managed services capabilities for customers.  

<NS:GO> is New Signature’s brand-new digital operating model that quickly and easily unleashes cloud capability for businesses – which is crucial in the age of digital transformation. <NS:GO> combines services, expertise and our unique deployment technology, <NS:GO/Drivetrain>, to help customers take full advantage of cloud computing potential. Offering simple out-of-the-box functionality, <NS:GO/Drivetrain> brings together Microsoft cloud native tools in a set of governance and compliance controls. Through the new partnership and integration of the Turbonomic AI-powered decision engine, we now have a powerful solution to help customers automatically optimize application performance, compliance and cost – in real-time.  

The addition of Turbonomic also substantially enhances out-of-the-box Azure cost management capability and gives our customers sophisticated tooling to confidently transform their business and fully adopt a cloud consumption model. 

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