Withum Smith & Brown accounting firm was facing some concerning IT scaling issues as their workforce continued to grow, and they chose New Signature to provide the solutions they needed in order for their collaboration and communication to rise to the level of their progressively expanding business.

With an astounding 50% growth and 800 employees scattered along the east coast, Withum was looking for solutions that would help them overcome the struggles that affected their employees’ connectivity and accessibility.

Storage was becoming scarce and email issues were on the rise as Withum’s internal IT department attempted to balance employee issue resolution with other strategic IT projects. In addition, Withum’s financial consultants were struggling to maintain communication stability with clients during the busy tax season. Withum also needed to keep their clients’ financial information data safe, tight, and secure, and only accessible to the right people at the right time.

The New Signature team helped to assess their specific needs, and build a solution using Office 365 that brought forth both a more connected and modern digital workspace and relieving the Withum IT department from an influx of email and storage issues.

“Since moving to Office 365, our staff can focus on servicing our clients, our IT team is back to working on more strategic projects,” says Withum CIO, Amanda Wilkie. “And personally, I sleep better at night.”

Watch more about how New Signature delivered the perfect blend of flexibility and security for the Withum employees:

Withum Case Study from New Signature on Vimeo.

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