New Signature is proud to announce that we have been named twice in Comparably’s 2017 lists for the best company and CEO. Our CEO, Jeff Tench, was named on Comparably’s annual Best CEO list, which ranks the top CEOs in two categories–large companies and small to mid-size companies. Jeff is listed among the 50 Best Overall CEOs for Small to Mid-Size Companies, a ranking that is determined by employee reviews. The news was featured by USA Today and other media outlets. Upon learning of the news Jeff stated, “Honored to be part of a such a great company and to have such amazing employees. Thank you to all the folks at New Signature for the vote of confidence in the incredible journey we are on together!”

Since joining New Signature as CEO in 2015, Jeff has worked tirelessly to build a culture that directly speaks to the values of the business and ensures New Signature is a great place to work.  Being named one of the Best Overall CEOs by Comparably based on employee reviews is a testament to his success in this effort.

Further, New Signature was also listed as one of the best companies in the Washington, D.C. area by Comparably, as well. These “Best of” lists by Comparably look across companies of all sizes and call out the companies most admired by the employees in areas across America, including Boston, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. We are honored and proud to continue to live by our values and exude a strong corporate culture and provide a great place to work for our employees all around the globe.

Visit Comparably for more information on New Signature and the Best CEOs list.