At New Signature, we are not just an organization. We are a group of innovative, authentic and generous individuals who work with our clients to solve problems and represent our company every day. We know that our people are our most valuable asset, and love to take the time to highlight them for the unique individuals that they are.

Say hello to Sean! He’s been with New Signature UK for six years, starting in May 2013. He is the Solutions and Advisory Services Lead in the UK and loves Italian food. We love to highlight our individual employees because while we span the globe as a business, we are also proud of what makes each person a unique contributor to our diverse organizational DNA. Learn more about Sean and his career at New Signature below:

“I think my favorite thing, is the pace of change. I like where environments are constantly moving. I’m not wired to be the guy that makes sure the machine that goes ping gets looked after every day. Because of the rapid rate of growth, and the rapid rate of the market and it’s changes, the rapid rate of change around the technology stack. That keeps fresh and exciting.”

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