In today’s competitive corporate environment, it is increasingly critical to collect and dissect countless pieces of information, identifying challenges and opportunities and creating the most effective strategies to maintain stability and propel growth. Analysis of the material acquired from many sources gives a full-spectrum view that results in an ‘intelligence’ that makes a strong impact on the success of an organization.

Business intelligence translates raw data into the knowledge necessary to stay competitive; and, to achieve the highest level of intelligence, a company must continually update the quality of that data.

A New Signature solution

This is another area where New Signature can truly support our customers. Using Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, we recently built a solution for a large financial institution that gives a substantial boost to the data they can access and the service they can provide to their customers.

With a staff complement of 80,000 employees, the organization was finding it challenging to empower each of them with the knowledge required to carry out their duties consistently and correctly each and every time. In short, they needed to understand what their employees wanted to know.

How does it work?

We created a simple search experience that all of their employees can use to access precise details on the protocols and procedures for their specific area of responsibility. Every year, our solution provides more than four million documents and takes in more than one and a quarter million queries.

All of the questions from those 80,000 staff members gives the customer and New Signature the ability to analyse a comprehensive supply of data, using advanced analytics and business intelligence to gain insights into the information the employees were seeking.

What kind of information?

With a large organization like this, there are a number of factors that could be determined through our process. Sometimes it comes down to geography. There may be regional differences: a job function in the east may have very different requirements than its counterpart in the west, for instance.

Using an analytics package such as Power BI, we can discover patterns and inconsistencies, and we can give the employees the tools to perform their functions with a high level of efficiency. We can even identify the top topics, categorized by time period or by role.

Not only does our solution provide historical and current information, but we can also draw on Azure Machine Learning to make accurate predictions about what the company and its employees will need to know in the future.

Insights that deliver

With this caliber of real-time analysis, your team can develop the kind of learning programs that puts valuable knowledge right into the hands of the employees and substantially improves their performance. And the beauty of analytics is that you can easily gauge the program’s success because, as the employees discover the answers to their questions, there will be a discernible reduction in the searches in those areas.

Advanced analytics and business intelligence take all the pieces of data across the entire organization, and collate it to deliver true business value. And that’s a transformative business solution.

Give us a call to discuss how our program can help your company to prosper. We’d be glad to help you find the solution that’s right for you.