Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars. Machine everywhere are becoming more intelligent, and the manufacturing process itself (the smart factory) is not far behind the curve. In fact, predictions from business and IT experts are buzzing about the way in which IoT technologies are moving toward a revolution of the manufacturing industry. It will come with its own unique challenges, and will require changes in organizational structure, but the benefits of a connected enterprise are well worth the growing pains, driving your production into a factory of the future.

Over time, the processes in the manufacturing world have undergone several major revolutions. From the first mechanical loom to predicting errors before they happen with the power of IoT, we are pushing the threshold of Industry 4.0, and New Signature is on the bleeding edge of the technologies and models that will connect your enterprise and deliver dynamic change and essential data.

Industry 4.0 will push the boundaries of current manufacturing operations with faster development cycles, improved QA, improved safety, predictive maintenance and real-time data and optimization.

But what does Industry 4.0 look like for each part of the supply chain? How will Industry 4.0 affect change at each level?

Every aspect of the supply chain will gain deeper insight into the process, and machine connection/learning will help to monitor production and eliminate waste, while predictive analytics will help to eradicate quality issues in real-time.

Remote management will enable a more mobile workforce, and bring transparency to key players in the production process. Watch how New Signature proved this concept for The Hershey’s Company and helped them create a smart factory.

Our next blog installment will dive deeper into the makings of a factory and the value of automation. But if you’re ready to speak to a New Signature expert now about implementing the use of IoT in your business operations, connect with the Microsoft gold-level Advanced Analytics team today.