How advanced is your business when it comes to IT?  Is your technology provider lurching from disaster to disaster, fighting fires on an daily if not hourly basis?  Or, are they meeting with you on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of ongoing strategicNavigate your way... initiatives and ways to leverage existing technologies to create value?

There are four different kinds of organizations New Signature encounters regularly: Basic, Standarized, Rationalized, and Dynamic.  Many of our clients begin at the Basic level, so it’s important to understand how we help them progress and mature.

Basic organizations tend to be entirely reactive in nature. They have little to no centralized control systems (for provisioning new users or standards, for instance) and unenforced policies and security standards.  As a result, things break quite often and even simple tasks become protracted.

Standardized organizations have procedures to which they conform.  This streamlines access control, user provisioning and reduces network problems.  Risks are still handled in a reactive manner (disasters, break-ins, data corruption, hardware failures, etc) and these events tend to cause the most friction.

Rationalized organizations are what most IT shops aim to achieve.  Support costs are at their lowest for these organizations, and threats and risks are managed proactively, reducing the pain when they occur.  (Setting up a disaster recovery plan, and testing it, is a hallmark of Rationalized organizations.)  Still, within Rationalized organizations IT is viewed as an infrastructure component that is, at best, something that should not break, much like the plumbing in a house.

Dynamic businesses take the final step: transforming IT into a strategic asset that creates value, rather than merely retaining value. At this level, new technologies can be used to increase collaboration, reduce response times, and ensure higher quality products.  Staff at Dynamic businesses see IT as driver of growth and quality — something they can use to gain a competitive edge.

New Signature has experience and a well stocked toolkit that allow us to assess and categorize organizations quickly.  Even better, we can identify cost savings associated with optimizing your infrastructure from the outset to enable clients to make the tough budgeting decisions based on measurable ROI.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.  Most organizations don’t wish to be fighting fires each day, but they can’t sort through the issues to draft a plan for moving forward.  Here at  New Signature, we chart those courses every day.