New Signature is excited to be working with the new Windows Azure Backup preview and have already been putting this great new cloud service from Microsoft through the paces. So far the experience has been great and we congratulate the Windows Azure Team for putting together a great new service.

For those unfamiliar, Windows Azure Backup protects important server data off-site with automated backup and restoration and best of all you can manage cloud backups from familiar backup tools in Windows Server 2012 or System Center SP1 Data Protection Manager. With incremental backups, only changes to files are transferred to the cloud. This helps ensure efficient use of storage, reduced bandwidth consumption, and point-in-time recovery of multiple versions of the data. Configurable data retention policies, data compression, and data transfer throttling offer you added flexibility and help boost efficiency. Authorized users can easily recover backups to any server.

As mentioned earlier, Windows Azure Backup is currently in preview and as of April, 9th 2013 here is the published pricing for Windows Azure Backup:

Compressed Data Stored per month Price (Preview) Price (General Availability)
First 5GB $0 $0
Each GB over the first 5GB $0.25 per GB per month $0.50 per GB per month

Windows Azure Backup is billed in units of the average daily amount of compressed data stored (in GB) that exceed 5GB over a monthly period. For example, if you consistently utilized 20 GB of storage for the first half of the month and none for the second half of the month, your average daily amount of compressed data stored would be 10GB for that month. Since the first 5GB each month is included at no charge, your bill for that month would be $1.25 (5GB x $.025) for that month. The amount of storage for which you are billed is determined by the compression ratio and the number of backups retained. You will only be billed for the amount of data stored in the Backup service. You will not be charged for bandwidth, storage, storage transactions, compute, or other resources associated with providing the Backup service.

You can find current information on pricing online.