Exchange 2010As a Microsoft Gold Partner, New Signature gets to test drive products well in advance of their eventual release dates.  One of the best beta products we have had the pleasure of testing has been Exchange Server 2010, the latest update to Microsoft’s email server.

It’s clear from the moment you download the product that it is different from previous versions of the Exchange server family: the total size is a mere 300 MB.  By comparison, Exchange 2007 was 5.65 GB — almost 20 times larger!  The installation is similarly streamlined.  It is possible to get a working Exchange 2010 server installed and running in a matter of minutes.

The differences continue: when migrating users between Exchange 2010 servers, mailbox access is not interrupted which eliminates a common Exchange 2007 headache.  Furthermore, when a mailbox is moved, the search index is built simultaneously.  Users won’t have to wait to search.  Mailboxes are fully searchable from the start.

In the past, moving from a regular Exchange server to one that is “highly available” was a big job requiring a significant investment in hardware and software, and considerable expertise to ensure a smooth transfer.  Now, with Exchange 2010, the costs, expertise and time involved have all been drastically reduced.  Migrating to a new, highly available server can be done easily — even across different physical sites.

On the user front, Outlook Web Access has matured to the point that it is virtually indistinguishable from Outlook itself.  Best of all, users of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are no longer forced to use a “lite” version of OWA.  Instead, they get the full experience Internet Explorer users have had for years.  Microsoft has committed to ensuring a consistent user experience for all customers, regardless of their platform.

Interested in Exchange 2010?  Call New Signature and we will be happy to explore whether the new features are a good fit for your organization.