I had the opportunity to watch New Signature customer Mark Miles, the VP of Technology at Brooklyn-based Aden + Anais, take the stage during the keynote at Microsoft’s Convergence Conference and share the story of his visionary leadership at Aden + Anais. He described his journey in changing mindsets, defining process, and find huge success leveraging Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Below is an excerpt from part of his talk:

“We are doubling in size every 12 to 18 months. And with that some of our old processes are just sort of falling apart. The old ad hoc of 4 or 5 people sitting around a dining room table working on a spreadsheet falls apart when you’re an international company. So what we looked to do was first formalize our process and look for a technology to support that process. We are already heavily invested in the Microsoft stack. We were using Microsoft NAV and we also use Office 365 so the first place we looked was Microsoft CRM. It happened to be the last place we looked.

We were able to hook up with our partner, which I’d love to give a plug to New Signature. They did an awesome job with helping us rolling. They got us on the Polaris platform very early on and we were pleasantly surprised to see what we were able to do on the system. It was very eye-opening and very refreshing for us to be able to really take processes that really worked for us and put them into a technology. Just being able to change the process to what Aden and Anais needed was a huge win.”

Working with customers like Aden + Anais gets me out of bed in the morning. Mark and his team are industry-leading innovators who don’t give no for an answer. Microsoft could not have chosen a better speaker and visionary for this keynote!