My very first experience as a young man in the workforce was a big box retailer for which I was ultimately responsible for assisting the general manager with circulation of the weekly work schedule.  I would print or even hand write this schedule and post it on the break room bulletin board.  25 years later and many (in fact most) retailers are still using this low-tech method for means of spreading/distributing information.  The retail deskless workers are forced to come into work or have a co-worker read off the weekly schedule in order to be in-the-know for schedules and general announcements.  There are few technology platforms able to improve these dated and relatively unsophisticated processes.

Enter Microsoft StaffHub.  With thousands of organizations already moving to Office 365 for corporate user email, document management and modern collaboration, yet there is still significant gap for many organizations with deskless workers that require a mechanism to distribute information to its masses. Even if email is unnecessary for these users.  StaffHub is a cloud-based mobile-centric app that deskless workers leverage for checking upcoming schedules, requesting time off or swapping shifts, viewing manager updates and access to relevant documents/resources.

Managers leverage a Web-based pane of glass for creation of weekly schedules, approve requests, and sharing relevant resource documentation with the team. All employees can access this information from their mobile phone with a download of the new StaffHub App from the iOS, Android and Windows app stores.  Here are some vertical examples that StaffHub has a great use-case for:

Mobile Interface

Let’s look at the mobile experience for desk-less workers.

StaffHub mobile App Navigation is broken down into four main categories –> My Shifts, Requests, Messages and Files.


Quick visibility for weekly published shifts is a snap with an easy to use calendar and shift reminder notifications.


StaffHub uses “Push Notifications” to the mobile device provides details your staff needs about newly published shifts, approvals or team chat conversations.


Swapping a Shift is simpler than ever. No more back-and-forth with your coworkers and manager. StaffHub has an automated workflow for approvals built right in.

  • In this example Alan wants to swap a shift with Jeff, and offers to take one of his shifts later in the week. This approval first goes to Jeff for approval and then to the manager in an automated workflow.  Not until both parties and the manager approval is complete does the schedule get updated

  • Jeff receives request for shift swap and accepts Alan’s suggestion for shift change

  • Once Jeff accepts, Alan’s shift request moves to a manager for approval

  • Alan has full visibility of the approval process and gets alerts on his mobile device when Jeff and his manager approves the request for shift change

  • With StaffHub Team members can request time off and see those request approvals in real-time.

  • From the StaffHub “Messages” navigation workers can connect with one person, a small group or the whole team on-the-fly and foster open channels of communication within the staff. Either that or it’s the old intercom method.

  • From the “Files” Navigation provide staff access to important content, documents and company announcements without having to “print and distribute”.
    • Staff can view information, and catch up with team news or review company announcements and HR documents.


Manager’s Interface

Now let’s take a look at the StaffHub Manager/Admin portal which provides an easy-to-use interface for schedule creation and content management for staff managers.

  • Managers can create teams and keep them organized. Find and Add members to teams that part of your Office 365 Directory. Once users are added StaffHub will send a notification to the user via email or SMS to download the StaffHub Mobile App and join the fray.

Mobile View:

  • Create, view and update of schedules is made easy via the StaffHub Web Portal.
    • Schedules are created by adding team members, setting up groups and then assigning shifts to individuals. Groups can be used for the organization of particular teams, job functions or shift types.  For the example below I setup groups to structure morning, afternoon and evening shifts:

  • Clicking into each box allows the manager to create a new customized shift or picking from shifts already created and saved. Or you can easily copy and paste shifts from one person to the next.


  • Manage time-off requests, shift swaps, and approve (or deny) on the spot.
    • As seen in the previous staff swap request, a manager’s approval is part of the automated workflow.


  • StaffHub Provides managers with a platform for instant communication with your team members whenever needed. New unread messages are displayed as an icon right from the StaffHub home screen and push notifications can be enabled to display messages from the mobile phone lock screen.


  • Share important content and documents – Make sure all staff has access to the information they need.


That was a quick look at the new StaffHub interface for both deskless workers and management level users.  Its plain to see that StaffHub can be used to completely change the relationship between your corporate management and deskless staff members providing modern tools to distribute information and a superior communication platform.

Need more information or want to plan for a StaffHub deployment in your organization.  Contact New Signature today!

Only designated users in Office 365 can be elevated as StaffHub Admins in order to enforce control of schedules and content exclusive to management team members.

Only users with an assigned Office 365 Enterprise license (K1, E1, E3, E5 or EDU) will be able to access Microsoft StaffHub.