New Signature is delighted to announce the release of our exclusive Azure Launchpad solution 

Launchpad is built on top of our automation platform and tooling, NS:GO/Drivetrain and delivers a Landing Zone for Azure built around Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. With tooling for governance, monitoring and management, it’s the starting point of any great adventure and can help your organization deploy a well-governed, secure and compliant operating model for Azure with greater agility.   

Azure Launchpad:  

  • Comprises a complete end-to-end operating model
  • Includes baked-in governance and security tooling and policies 
  • Delivers value quickly 
  • Provides dynamic automation 
  • Creates a more streamlined deployment 
  • Includes policies for governance and management scripts and templates built on Azure Blueprints, Azure Policies, Azure Resource Templates and Azure Desired State Configurations.   

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 Azure Launchpad is available in three editions to meet your unique needs: 

  • Azure Launchpad Essentials: Our New Signature team works with you remotely to deploy your Landing Zone using a series of default templates and settings.
  • Azure Launchpad Advanced: Our experts work closely with your team over a period of weeks to customize and configure your Landing Zone that aligns to your specific requirements and enables more sophisticated capabilities.  
  • Azure Launchpad Enterprise: Built for enterprise-class requirements, this most comprehensive edition of Azure Launchpad is completely customized to your goals, objectives and needs.  

 You can access Launchpad in the Azure Marketplace to get started: 

With the power of automation and Azure Launchpad, we can build out your Landing Zone quickly, while also ensuring that your organization remains safe and secure.  

If you want to experience Microsoft Azure in a whole new way, connect with our Azure experts today.