In case you missed this earlier blog post,  Azure Launchpad is now available as part of our NS:GO Azure engagement journey.

This service allows you to take advantage of our Drivetrain technology and get started with Azure in a secure, scalable and efficient way.   Based on which option you choose–Essentials, Advanced or Enterprise–we will deploy a number of Azure services in your environment that will allow you to accelerate your Azure implementation by taking advantage of scripts and automation that we have already created for you.

If you ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches growing up like I did, imagine Essentials as the version your mom or dad made for you. They prepared it however they saw fit. The Advanced tier is still peanut butter and jelly, but you can decide how much of each condiment you want (if you don’t have peanut butter on both sides, is it even a PB&J?). This allows for more choice and flavor through customization. Meanwhile, Enterprise allows for your the most customization–perhaps a different type of nut butter or a new flavor of jelly.

Check out more detail around our Launchpad tiers here:

You could be eligible to take advantage of our free essentials offering which is great for customers who are looking for a PoC.  This engagement would not include any customizations but would still leave you with a deployment of the Azure launchpad and documentation on what services were implemented.

For customers who are passed the Proof of Concept stage and want to move forward with customizing their Azure environment, our Advanced or Enterprise offering would be a better fit.  These options will allow for customizations on top of leveraging our Drivetrain technology.  These options would include a discovery workshop to understand your current state and desired state so we could accelerate your implementation by leveraging our Launchpad technology while still adding customizations specific to your environment.

By leveraging Azure Launchpad you can accelerate the beginning of your cloud journey from 3 – 6 months to 2 – 3 weeks.  And if you decide to go with Advanced or Enterprise, we may even bring PB&J’s for lunch!