Data-driven decision-making in business is nothing new. But there is a new wave of business analytics will enable your business to be an additional step ahead of business trends. A Power BI solution with New Signature can increase your insight by taking your ability to react to past data and transforming that into the ability to predict future data.

Looking back, business data is descriptive, telling us what happened and diagnostic, revealing why it happened. Power BI can push your business insight past that plateau of knowledge and press toward mature analytics that help to predict what will happen and also prescript trends in order to be at the forefront of business trends.

  • Power BI enhances Excel with the ability to transcribe complex spreadsheets into highly usable and visual dashboards in real time.  
  • Self-Service capabilities allow for employees to quickly access data and information at their level, with less need to rely on IT departments to collect data.
  • Integration and sharing options allow our solutions architects to build your customer Power BI technology to work seamlessly with existing tools such as Dynamics CRM and Office365. From there, create comprehensive reports that can be shared between colleagues with ease.
  • Data sources, such as Dynamics CRM, SQL, and Salesforce, are connected to the Power BI dashboard and that information is built into data model displays and visualizations that bring your business insights to life.
  • Custom visuals are all part of a Power BI solution with New Signature, so that your unique business problems can be solved and the data that is most important to your future strategy.
  • Powerful analytics generated by Power BI have helped New Signature customers improve strategic awareness and drive more effective business decisions, greatly improving performance.
  • Real-time update keep your dashboard up-to-date with important data and enables business users to view the book of business as it changes.
  • Cost-reduction potential means that finding the answers you need and mining the data that will change your business is not possible. In addition, increasing mobility and accessibility can be translated into more productivity and value added.

Our Advanced Analytics team can help your business develop a customized Power BI solution that enhances your business. The New Signature Power BI QuickStart program can deliver a proof of value and a true-to-life demo of how Power BI can help you dive deeper into your data.

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