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Tips & Tricks with A New Signature Expert: Windows Dynamics Lock

Windows Dynamic Lock is a very useful feature for anyone who needs to lock a Windows 10 computer when they leave their computer. There are several ways to lock a Windows 10 screen. You can:   Set a screen lock based on inactivity  Press Win-L to lock your screen from the keyboard  CTRL-ALT-Delete and choose lock … Read more

Azure DevOps: A Consultant’s Swiss Army Knife

As an Azure Consultant whose goal is to deliver solutions by following the DevOps methodology, Azure DevOps is the starting and closing point when it comes to my engagements with different customers. As Donovan Brown says, “DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” … Read more

The DevOps Journey

The best definition I’ve seen for DevOps is from Donovan Brown.  He said, “DevOps is the union of People, Processes, and Products to continuously deliver value to our end users”. Donovan breaks down his word choice and what it means to him. To me, DevOps is a mindset that should be adopted company wide. We should work with the People and understand the Processes before we dive into Products or Tools. We … Read more