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IoT is at the Heart of Industry 4.0

IoT is at the Heart of Industry 4.0

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars. Machine everywhere are becoming more intelligent, and the manufacturing process itself (the smart factory) is not far behind the curve. In fact, predictions from business and IT experts are buzzing about the way in which IoT technologies are moving toward a revolution of the manufacturing industry. It will come … Read more


What’s New in Azure: No More Fear of the Terabyte

Some of the best improvements to technology come from finishing this sentence: “I wish…” And when it comes to Microsoft Azure, there are teams of developers and innovators who work to consistently improve user experiences.   One pain point for many customers is the Azure storage limit size per disk. This can occur when the data being migrated is housed on a 2TB or larger disk … Read more


A Close Look at the Potential Microsoft StaffHub

My very first experience as a young man in the workforce was a big box retailer for which I was ultimately responsible for assisting the general manager with circulation of the weekly work schedule.  I would print or even hand write this schedule and post it on the break room bulletin board.  25 years later … Read more


An Easy Cloud Choice: The New Microsoft 365 World

As recently as three years ago, many Microsoft partners would hear a common refrain from customers, “Why is licensing so complicated?” An entire group of partners were formed solely to help customers understand how Microsoft licensed its software and a second group came together merely to enforce said licensing. Needless to say, neither were often welcomed with … Read more