Developed from years of experience working with hundreds of companies worldwide, our solutions are tailored to meet specific challenges and empower organizations across a wide range of industries.

Communications & Media

The media industry never sleeps and needs the proper IT solutions to maintain business continuity and keep customers engaged and connected. New Signature consultants have helped many of the key industry players with innovative solutions for internal collaboration and knowledge management.

Financial & Professional Services

Financial institutions have unique challenges with disparate branches, online banking needs and an intense focus on security. New Signature can help you centralize collaboration across departments, heighten security, and develop dynamic banking tools to enhance staff and customer experiences.

Government & Associations

Across a community, IT solutions are required for every aspect of operation. Whether your organization is a government entity or an association/non-profit organization, the high-level of moving parts requires a solution that is as unique as your members. Our dynamic tools can help encourage economic growth, promote quality governance, and develop the social scope of your area.

Health & Life Sciences

At New Signature, we develop solutions that power healthcare and life science professionals to reach more patients with more efficiency and achieve more. New Signature can bring your health and life sciences organization cloud-based tools that allow for modern and progressive practice with the utmost security.

Manufacturing & Resources

New Signature can provide advanced technological solutions for a wide array of  manufacturing operations. We develop cloud-based solutions to harness IoT technology, collaboration tools, and advanced analytics to streamline operations and connect the various stages of the supply chain, eradicating error and saving money.

Retail & Consumer Goods

A retail solution with New Signature can bring your company connected operations, an empowered workforce, and more customer centricity. We can help you sync your sales and point-of-sale data so that more employees have access to the necessary information and create a dynamic customer-facing experience.